You have sixty seconds to make everything look awesome

What would you do with the power to dramatically punch mustaches on everyone and everything? Mustdashe lets you live out your dream in fun and creative levels. Score points for skillful 'stashe placement and unlock an ever-growing number of achievements. Aim for glory and high scores, but act quickly, the clock's ticking! As soon as you pick up the magical Stashe Knuckles, it's non-stop action until time's up.

Independently developed by Chris Germano, Mustdashe was originally made for the 7DFPS game jam in 2014. After receiving great feedback and coverage from YouTube personalities, the game was picked up by Disney to appear on two new shows in the Summer 2017 block.

Basic Details

Mustdashe is an arcade-style first person puncher where the player tries to get the most points by sticking mustaches on anything and everything. With multiple levels, tons of achievements, and a quirky sense of humor, no two rounds are the same, but they're always entertaining! Mustdashe is aiming for an Early Access release on Steam, with regular and continual updates until early 2018, when it will leave Early Access for a full re-release.

  • Quirky sense of humor
  • Simply controls for easy pickup
  • Ever-growing levels and achievements
  • Hidden secrets!

Designer/Developer: Chris Germano

Publisher: Pilone Consulting

Release date: September 8, 2017

Launch platform: PC

Early Access price: 3.99

Predecessor: Mustdashe

Press Coverage


Chris Germano: | @chris_germano