New Clients, New Adventures

You may have noticed we've been quiet lately, but for good reason! In the last couple of weeks, we've been busy reaching out and signing on new clients. We're thrilled to announce that we've recently established ongoing relationships with local brand Mama Stitches and NECY Photography!

Mama Stitches

Mama Stitches is the passion project of the multi-talented Akintunde Sogunro. The children's book teaches readers of all ages to love unconditionally and be generous to better your community. The book has been featured in local events and praised by public figures including Erin Stewart, current mayor of New Britain, CT. The book is currently for sale on Amazon and Barnes & Noble, and the official Mama Stitches website is in active development.

NECY Photography

NECY Photography is a newcomer to the local scene, but is already shaking things up on social media. Local artist Yasmin Lynch. We're excited to bring on this new client and combine our experience with interactive media with her passion for discovering meaningful moments from everyday events. NECY Photography: Moments. Memories.


Stay tuned for updates on our exciting work with these fantastic clients, and remember, just because you don't work on games doesn't mean games can't help your work! Have you worked with game industry professionals before? If so, how have they helped you? Share your thoughts below!

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