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While Skorecery has been in development on and off for the last few years, recent work has been some of the most effective and exciting the team has done to date. Since the last video (Skorecery Pre-Alpha), the team has expanded again and creative assets are getting regular updates and improvements. Based on existing player feedback, Skorecery is fully embracing its creative side and giving art, animation, music, and sound effects 110%.

The Skorecery Beta is a free download featured on and is for PC/Mac, the intended platforms for initial release. As always, Skorecery is exclusively local multiplayer and requires controllers to enjoy. Most modern controllers are supported, so don't be afraid to give the game a shot, it'll be worth it!

Have you already played the Skorecery Beta? Have you met the team at a Boston-area event? Leave your thoughts below and spread the word! Subscribers to the newsletter are still eligible to win exclusive Early Bird rewards prior to launch.

Take a minute to check out the above video if you haven't yet! Be the first to check out the newest content and hear what GrappleHook Games' very own Eric Peterson has to say about the Skorecery Beta. With core development nearing completion, the upcoming months will be dedicated to polishing and optimizing gameplay (and perhaps a few secrets here and there!) and especially media outreach. Interested in learning more or chatting with the team? Check them out on Facebook, Twitter, or directly at!

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