OGVR: The first network to incorporate with Project Dogmeat

Since we last discussed Project Dogmeat, a recurring question was regarding eventual client usability. In its current state, we need to work with interested parties to set up a monitoring plan, initiate the software, and eventually generate and distribute reports. As we discussed with Jacob Wood of Indie Hangover, we aim to have a somewhat autonomous system fully functional in 2017, with eventual plans for a predictive algorithm. While those are still very much in our to-do list, we’re excited to announce the first step towards an autonomous ranking experience, OGVR.

Online reviews are broken: users are prone to rank 1 or 5 stars to have maximum impact on the overall score. Content creators are prone to avoid showing actual gameplay (or altering gameplay footage) to increase sales. Honest reviews are hard to come across and are often verbose and repetitive. Due to the over-saturation of nearly every digital market, there are too many games for the few high-quality reviewers to address, so more often than not you’re on your own when looking for fresh content.

So, what’s the point of OGVR?

We wanted to create an honest ranking website where a level of trust keeps the community and content strong. Users are able to sign up as content creators or consumers, where the former can share existing YouTube content (preferably of unedited gameplay, up to 90 seconds) and the latter can rank the content based on its personal appeal. Users earn points for sharing content, which can be redeemed for raffle tickets to be used in frequent video game giveaways. Creators get access to more specific scoring numbers to better understand how the community reacts to their work.

Expect the site to go live within the next 12 hours! Update: The website is currently live but available for internal testing only. Public alpha will be announced soon!

While still in early development, we’d love for you to take a look at the website and stay in touch to learn about opportunities to join our alpha testing team!

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