Pilone Consulting will be managing all marketing and technological aspects of TorchesTV, the online education platform.

Pilone Torches Partnership

Innovation doesn’t grow in a vacuum, and at Pilone Consulting we all feel strongly that to do your best work, you need to leave your comfort zone. We’re taking on work in new industries every day, and today we’re making an exciting leap forward into the world of music education. As of late last week, we have officially partnered with Torches Online Music Education LLC for extended collaboration on their digital education platform.

Pilone Consulting and TOME have a rich history together, stemming from crossed paths during development of an e-commerce network earlier this year. Following the project, Pilone Consulting and TOME stuck together, brainstorming new ideas and opportunities to build synergistic relationships for future endeavors. Since then, all of us at Pilone Consulting have gained access to a treasure trove of information and resources about electronic music and audio hardware thanks to Mike Harrison (founder, and the face of TorchesTV), whose teaching ability is only surpassed by his award-winning music production. We all feel honored to manage his program’s online presence, and we know these are just the first steps to an exciting era of collaboration.

“As someone naturally driven by learning, there’s something particularly fulfilling about working in education. I love that his platform isn’t just a bunch of YouTube videos, [Mike] is really taking advantage of modern technology and it’s producing some awesome results. I wish I had a program like that when I was in high school.”
Chris Germano
Chris Germano
Director of Operations - Pilone Consulting

The partnership was finalized late last week, and has already been producing results. Interest in Torches Online Music Education, LLC has been reaching and all-time high, and all we can say is thanks to Torches, the future looks brighter than ever.

If you’re interested in Torches Online Music Education LLC, or want to get in touch with Mike Harrison, please visit their website http://torchestv.com.

If you’d like to contact Pilone Consulting for information on the partnership, company services, or business inquiries, please visit http://piloneconsulting.com

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